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Welcome to MyRoots Family History Research

Here at MyRoots, we have been interested in family history for many years. The results of some of this research can be seen on the various genealogy pages produced on this site.

Part of the MyRoots genealogy research team is based in Cyprus. This is a country with a large British ex-partriate community that has a keen interest in genealogy. As a result of the many requests for help, MyRoots (Cyprus) has set-up a genealogy research facility especially tailored to help British ex-patriates discover their family roots.

The services they provide range from finding long lost friends, relations or collegues to the production of complete family trees going back five, six, seven or more generations.

Unlike many genealogical research services, the MyRoots service is interested in the whole project, not just the research. When MyRoots does genealogical research, it provides not just the normal family tree but a complete family history resource booklet that can be passed on to future generations.

As part of the research process, the MyRoots team also produce family web pages. To see some of the families currently being research, visit our family histories index page.

If you are interested in obtaining a quotation from MyRoots, please email them at

Please note that for Data Protection reasons, the MyRoots genealogy web pages only give date information for people who have died.

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